DOW SFX and Body Art Comp Valley of Death Edition 

Dead of Winter Festival is running another Face Off style special FX makeup and Body Art competition at this years event which  is sure to add atmosphere to the festival as the crowd gets to see humans transform into monsters.  The theme for this years comp is 'Valley of Death'

Entry fee is $45 and will only be charged if you are accepted into the competition. 

  • There will be three competitors for both the Body Art and SFX comp 
  • Category 1 is Special FX makeup 
  • Category 2 is Body Art including sponge, brush or airbrush 
  • Each applicant is allowed one assistant and can either bring their own model or one will be provided for them 

First place in each category receives:

$200 cash

  • A trophy for each winner 
  • Painting and makeup supplies 
  • Sculpting tools and clay for the SFX winner 

Runner up receives:

  • Beserk voucher 
  • massage voucher 

*All the contestants will get professional photos of their work taken at the festival

Judges are:
Sarah Mudle - SFX makeup artist and international model 
Dhalia Dyer - Horror drag queen 
Charmaine Orchard - SFX makeup artist at Shoot the town red