Does my festival ticket get me in to BOTH the Tivoli and the Jubilee Hotel?
Yes.  Your festival ticket will get you entry into both venues.  You will need to enter via the Jubilee Hotel main gate to receive your festival pass.

Are there pass outs?
Yes, you are free to come and go as you please. Type your paragraph here.

Is the festival over one day or two?

The Dead of Winter Festival is held over one huge day!  It starts at 1pm and finishes at 12:30am the next morning!  

I only just discovered DOW when did the festival start? 

The Dead of Winter Festival began in 2009. 

Is the festival All Ages? 

Sadly, the answer is no, but we are working on making it an all ages event in the future.

Is there a dress code?

You can wear whatever you like as long as you don't wear steel-capped boots 

The festival seems cool, how do I get involved? 

We are always looking for staff, volunteers, stallholders and vendors.  You can apply for these roles by filling out a form on the Apply tab of the website. 

How can I get my band on the Dead of Winter Festival? 

We are always on the look out for fresh talent.  Applications for the Dead of Winter Festival open in Jan 2019 and you can apply via the link on our website.  We do ask that all bands applying have published professional recordings and photos and having a professional looking film clip helps too.  It shows us your serious about what you do and it gives us something to market you with. 

Who runs the Dead of Winter Festival? 

The Dead of Winter Festival is a collaboration between Carolyn Bedford of Dead Entertainment, Chris Tryhorn from Beats Cartel and Jason Kinnibrugh from Supercrazy with help from our pals Joey from Hysteria Magazine.  

Can I bring my own food to the festival? 

You can if you wish. However,  please do not bring any glass containers or bottles into the venue. 

Is there parking? 

Not at the venue, but there are parking buildings nearby at the Valley Metro and McWhiters Secure Parking buildings.